President’s message

We deliver high-quality service by offering “+extra.”

Maruesu Group, with Maruesu Koun as a holding company and Marunichi Koun, Kanto Maruesu, Nakanihon Maruesu, and Nishinihon Maruesu as some of its group companies, has established a nation-wide transportation network specializing in high-pressure gas and liquefied gas. We have been in the high-pressure gas/liquefied gas transportation industry for over half a century. Maruesu Group continues to advance as the leading company of high pressure gas transportation industry. The advantages that our clients can enjoy by choosing Maruesu Group is that we can fulfill our clients' needs through our extensive experience, not only by transportation but by providing a one-stop service from creating tankers to providing maintenance services on clients’ tanks. We have continued to put strenuous efforts in enhancing and improving safe transportation systems since our first day with the following motto:  3S +extra  Safety  Surely  Speedly +extra. As the comprehensive logistics service provider, we continue to deliver high-quality service through activities and ideas of group companies and by offering “+extra” to pursue clients’ satisfaction.

Maruesu Koun Co., Ltd.President Masaaki Fukumoto